Design and budgetary goals become cohesive as plans and specifications are developed.

NewCastle Custom Homes proven practices and operating procedures allow them to offer streamlined design and building systems which result in improved communications, organized details and more peace of mind for their clients. In the continual pursuit of excellence to best serve their clients, NewCastle Custom Homes regularly hones these systems and stays in tune with cutting edge technologies and materials.

At NewCastle Custom Homes

We offer you specialized services and expertise, as well as close personal attention. Our staff can help you avoid the common mistakes that many encounter when building a custom home. Our focus on quality and cost control will result in benefits you’ll enjoy as long as you own your home.

When bringing your dream home to life, the process is meant to be very exciting and fun as well as to educate you though out the entire journey. Expertise is provided on every aspect of the construction project. This can include finding a house plan, selecting a lot, choosing a bank for your loan needs, and of course, giving you direction for selection of everything needed in your new home.

Our principles

Brandon Meyer is committed to the passionate pursuit of excellence at every stage and consistently delivers uniquely beautiful, energy efficient, durable homes that are very competitively priced.